When Do Babies Start Crawling?

Babies usually start crawling when they are between 6-8 months old. Buts it’s never to early to start baby proofing your house.

Sharp corners and edges are a good place to start. There are many products to help but DIY and common sense can also save money.

How old should children be before I can leave them in a room alone?

It’s never advised to leave young children in rooms alone “even for a quick second” they are to quick. However children under 3 years old are particularly at risk.

How Do I Baby Proof My House?
It’s advisable to fix standing furniture like mirrors etc to the wall where possible.Kids can easily get their fingers accidentally caught in doors. There are products designed to help prevent this.
Plugs & Sockets
There are many products that help prevent curious kids from sticking their fingers in plug sockets, these are essential weapons for the continuous baby proofing war you will be engaged in.
Wires & Cords

Left unsecured are particularly dangerous, although there are many products that can help make the concealing task easier, due diligence and awareness needs to be maintained at all times.

Child proof locks should be fitted to cabinets, cupboards, draws and any other storage facilities, a inquisitive child may want to empty of its contents, before innocently admiring the destruction.

Baby-proofing the kitchen
Baby proofing the kitchen is very important. Child proof locks should be placed on all cupboards and draws. All cleaning products should be kept as high as possible. Sharp corners and edges should be neutralised. Plug sockets blocked. High chairs are a important asset but those with fancy materials attached are a hygiene nightmare and should be avoided. It’s helpful to locate kids somewhere safe whilst cooking and best practice to keep pot handles turned away from the edges.
Baby-proofing the stairs
Stair guards and barriers are essential to keep young kids from wondering and of course falling down the stairs. There are a range of products to stop children accessing stairs unattended that cover all the different types of stairs way designs and materials.
Baby proofing the bedroom and Cott is necessary and essential for a peace of mind. All the relevant areas already covered such as sharp corners and edges cords wires plugs and sockets etc should be also considered in the child’s bedroom. The bars in cotts allow parents to have a good view immediately when entering the room, however infants can get arms and legs caught in the gaps during sleep. There are secondary products to help prevent this however you may feel a different type of cott or sleeping arrangement is appropriate. Soft toys and pillows can be dangerous for young babies to sleep with. Kids are unlikely to actually need a pillow until age 3.
Baby proofing the bathroom
What temperature should I bathe my baby? Between 37•c - 38•c (Degrees Celsius) or 100 f (Fahrenheit) is an appropriate temperature for babies. A simple elbow test is sufficient for toddlers and older kids. Child proof locks should be fitted to cabinets and toilet seats. All medications, cleaning products and toiletries should be kept as high as possible and out of reach for children.Young kids and babies should never be left alone in the bath, it only takes a split second for a catastrophic accident to occur. There are child seats and anti slip products to help stop kids slipping under water. There also products to cover taps to avoid burning or excess water.